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Marcus Amaker

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Burke HS poetry club

Burke High School teacher Kaitlyn Mindel reached out to me because she leads a spoken word poetry club at the school. They meet weekly and have been planning to do a slam at the school. I recently visited and was BLOWN AWAY by their talent and skill. Evidence: I’m going to work my hardest to […]

(thank you)

Welp. Free Verse is over. I’m proud that this festival accomplished what I wanted it to: amplify voices that needed to be heard while spreading poetry across the city. I couldn’t have done it without your support. Much love to  SC Humanities, the South Carolina Arts Commission and the Charleston Visitors Bureau. And the sponsors: the Cooper School, Pure Theatre, MOJA Arts Festival, the SchoolHouse, Enough […]

TEDxCharleston photos

photos by JB McCabe: photos by Arielle Simmons:

TedxCharleston haikus

BRIAN SULLIVAN Brian Sullivan Wants us to be understood Through deep connection. CHRISTAN RAINEY Christan Rainey’s pain inspired a life-long goal for men to succeed. DANIEL BELLACK Daniel will make you question what is true or false Real, fake or made up … EDIE CUSACK College is boundless for everyone. Even if you are told […]


written on the spot, for the 2017 Good Business Summit. we came here, burning with a sense of meaning, burning with a hot desire to do good, burning to be understood. and the morning started wth fire. smoke billowed from a canvas, once blank, that blossomed in front of our eyes. and we burned in […]

Free Verse: a poetry festival for Charleston

My dream of putting together a poetry festival is now a reality. When I became poet laureate of Charleston, my main vision + goal was to spread poetry in Charleston and make it a more stable scene. Poetry has been alive in the Holy City for a long time. When I moved here in 2003, […]

Tori Amos, thank you

My relationship with Tori Amos has gone through its ups and downs. Like many people in the Tori universe, I first came to her music in the 90s. Under the Pink was my first album, and I quickly went to Little Earthquakes then Boys for Pele then From the Choirgirl Hotel then To Venus and […]

Stagnation (a letter 2 America)

America has built too many monuments to war. Man-made maladies mounted on Mother Earth. I’ve seen scars on the skin of our country’s landscape – blood-stained band aids covering exposed bones; a pain that has not healed. We hold hatred high on pedestals in the name of history. Birds are perched on the shoulders of […]

A fun album …

The last one took a lot out of me. So I made analogue // 6: a 17-minute collection of songs inspired by the 80s. Dig it: analogue // 6 (2017) by tape loop The video:

My most difficult album.

I spent a few months working on an album that proved to be my most difficult project to date. TELEMAQUE. grew from a desire to give a musical voice to the depression that arises from America’s history. You see, sometimes poetry is incapable of expressing pain accurately. Words can only go so far. In my […]