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Two new interviews …

I was interviewed by Quintin Washington on Quintin’s Close-Ups and Leyla Gulen of Fox 24. Watch them both below! Let the media blitz for “empath” begin …

empath (book + journal) is here!

Happy new year, happy new book. empath is available NOW! the album version is up next. This book has my best work and my best design. I’m excited to share this experience with you. The book has six parts: Part 1: habit creature (love poems, a return to the style of my earlier work) Part […]

My favorite albums of 2017

37. The National – Sleep Well Beast: Their best album since 2010’s masterpiece, High Violet. I dig it when the band gets experimental – electronic touches are all over this moody and brilliant record. 36. Jay-Z – 4:44: No I.D.’s production is perfect and Jay-Z’s lyrics are on point and personal. (kudos to speaking the […]


a poem about … poetry. i read this in classrooms to get students excited about the art form. filmed at burke high school.

(… and you will be beautiful)

There will be a day when I won’t need mirrors because looking into your eyes will be the only reflection I’ll need to see myself.

the work

Some of the mirrors in my mind’s eye are broken. I’ve spent too much time trying to get clean – wiping thumb prints from my face, covering insecurities, fixing my hair, not fixing my mind. But, to deny what makes me beautiful is to deny my mother’s smile, my father’s eyes, my future grandchildren, my […]

every networking event, ever.

Slippery words spill out of us and fall to the floor as we fumble over ourselves on the trip back to the bar.

“empath” secrets

Some inside info about the new project, exclusively for the 7 people who read this website. // the original title of the project was “movement / meaning.” // the concept of the book was sparked by this tweet. // that tweet inspired me to write a poem called “empath (motherland)” and to come up with […]

I’m ready …

I’m ready to let you know about new project, empath. You’re probably thinking, “Uh oh. Didn’t you just do a poetry festival? Shouldn’t you sleep? What’s next, bruh?!?!” Well …     empath = a 185-page poetry book, (featuring poems about love, connection, family, history, social justice, social media, Prince, feminism, and, of course, Charleston). […]

the spider (a love poem)

I remember when love was an elusive spider – an intruder that kept trying to creep into my life, crawling between the cracks of hardwood floors before disappearing into the shadows of sleepless nightmares. I spent restless years trapped by distraction, haunted by a thing I could not catch, but secretly wanting a tarantula to […]