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50 most influential people in Charleston (Business Magazine)

What a super, extra big honor to be named one of Charleston’s 50 Most Influential People by Charleston Business Magazine. (Never thought I’d be in the same company as Bill Murray, y’all). Check out the article here.

My 24 favorite albums of 2016

2016 was an overloaded of great music. Even in its last week, 2016 brought us the amazing new EP from Nine Inch Nails. That would have made my list, but I’ll wait to see what Trent brings in 2017. Anyway, here’s my favorite albums of the year. Enjoy: 24. noname – telefone an intimate, groovy […]

nine new songs, made in three days

Here’s the third album in the analogue series! I recorded this Dec. 26 – Dec. 28, 2016. Very much inspired by the Stranger Things soundtrack. The only instrument I used was my trusty OP-1 synthesizer. I’m in love with it. For the video, I used old footage of the family from our military adventures. Yep, […]

Second issue of No Depression is out!

my 18th album

The analogue series has been a fun little project for me to sink my electronic teeth into. The concept: record one album a month for the next six months. Improvisation. Use nothing but analog instruments. Record in one day. Well, the second album in the project is complete. I cheated by recording it in three […]

Videos and posters for the Charleston Jazz Orchestra

I’ve been doing design and video work for Jazz Artists of Charleston for almost four years! Time is a funny thing. Anyway, I’m really proud of this work, so I’ll share some of it with you below:   Poster and video for the band’s Holiday Swing show at the Charleston Music Hall.       […]

Interview for Wando High School

A few weeks ago, I was asked to read poetry for Wando High School‘s Live Poets Society. I really appreciate the idea of students focusing on living poets instead of dead ones (sorry, Walt). There’s so many great poets who are active in the scene, writing inspiring work. The experience was priceless. I read a […]

Video from TEDxCharleston

Some photos from TEDx

Was so excited perform at TEDxCharleston with my brother in art, Quentin E. Baxter. The love we received from our performance was beautifully overwhelming. Seriously. THANK YOU if you came up to me to show love. My apologies if I seemed out of it, or was at a loss for words (ironically). Here are some […]

A new album, recorded in one day

I challenged myself to write and record an electronic album in one day. I’ll be doing one electronic album per month, for the next six months. The first record in the “analogue” series was completed on 10/27 with synthesizers and drum machines. It’s yours now. ENJOY. Stream and download now. Dig? THE VIDEO: THE ALBUM: […]