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Tori Amos, thank you

My relationship with Tori Amos has gone through its ups and downs. Like many people in the Tori universe, I first came to her music in the 90s. Under the Pink was my first album, and I quickly went to Little Earthquakes then Boys for Pele then From the Choirgirl Hotel then To Venus and […]

A fun album …

The last one took a lot out of me. So I made analogue // 6: a 17-minute collection of songs inspired by the 80s. Dig it: analogue // 6 (2017) by tape loop The video:

My most difficult album.

I spent a few months working on an album that proved to be my most difficult project to date. TELEMAQUE. grew from a desire to give a musical voice to the depression that arises from America’s history. You see, sometimes poetry is incapable of expressing pain accurately. Words can only go so far. In my […]

Interview on SC Public Radio

I had the honor of being on SC Public Radio this morning to promote my Piccolo Spoleto show. Listen to the interview here.

Announcing Charleston’s first poetry festival

So happy to announce Free Verse, our city’s first poetry festival. It’s always been a dream to put on a festival in Charleston. It will happen in October. Check out my letter, below, and also go to the website and (please) donate! Love.

Life as a laureate: visiting schools

I’ve visited a lot of schools before I became poet laureate of Charleston. But now, the visits are becoming more frequent and more rewarding. I’ve done poetry workshops and/or read poems at The Cooper School, Meeting Street Academy, Claflin University (Orangeburg, SC), Sanders-Clyde, Academic Magnet, Wando High School, and Ft. Johnson Middle School. Soon, there […]

Magazine design: Spring issue of No Depression

The new issue of No Depression is out! It’s probably the sexiest thing that I’ve ever designed. Info is below:

17 minutes of music

All recorded in one day (2/22/2017). Here’s analogue // 5, for ya. I used an OP-1, the Volca keys + Bass + Sample, some loops and …. a wind chime. Yep. Enjoy:

Let’s get weird (video)

Here’s the video of my talk with John Park for Creative Mornings Charleston. The star of the show was Big Butt (of course). Watch below. Photos are here.

analogue // 4: meditation music

With analogue // 4, I set out to make an album as rich and textured as the soundtrack work of Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross. (I can dream, right?) The second track ended up sounding like William Basinski. Analogue // 4 was written and recorded Jan. 27-29, 2017, using an OP-1. Think of it as […]