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the word “black,” by definition, means “the absence of light.” but I am much more than a shadow. yes, sometimes blackness is the darkness that haunts unenlightened minds and sometimes people talk about me as if I am a cold, night sky without the spark of a bonfire. but, being black, by definition, is luminary […]

Negative zero: a poem about fear

I look for pennies from heaven when my spirit’s balance is low. signs of secret treasures that reveal themselves even on roads that are paved with the dirt of depression. my hands have been held to the sky, cupping air like money, trying to fill my lungs with the wealth of the world so that […]

brotherhood / after you left the hospital …

(from the tiny poems series) let’s have a flashback, to when our lives seemed carefree, when our world was simply a walk or a bike ride toward each weekend like unwritten stanzas in an endless poem, when there was nothing to write about except liquid summers and dried-up mornings, when my beard had no traces […]


God help men’s eyes, who can look at a person and only see an object. Parts instead of a whole, a drop of water instead of an ocean. Women plant roots where men lay concrete. Communities of trees surround us. A forest of human growth, cut down with a single look. Maybe, because I’m married, […]

the pulse (part 2)

(spoken word poem. part two of the pulse) Charleston, where church steeples and cranes look over us and multi-colored houses house live-in servants. where fast-rising hotels rise above slow-moving clouds that cast floods on the corner of America Street. where parades of one color get one day to celebrate then hide in the shadows of […]

eclectic cafe, one week after poetry night

(from the tiny poems series) this time last week, the room had no echoes. silence was the night’s scorned lover as poetry spilled through each crack of the floorboards. each word painted the walls with dark hues, black love, bright light, the blues. this time last week, we were open to each other. wrapped in […]

Warmth (commissioned poem for 1670 Charlestowne)

the light of Charleston is too bright to deny. its infinite, woven tapestry wraps our soul in its wonder and unfolds miles and miles of memories. the light of Charleston is bigger than its shadows. each mirror is a reflection of a rich story, as history walks hand in hand with the future. the light […]

Eight tiny poems about Charleston

A.C.’s   when the lights flash at 2a.m., every person in dimmed shadow becomes enlightened even though they are scrambling for another conversation with darkness and drama.     John L. Dart Library   the man at the pulpit says “I have faith that one day we will see her in the morning.” And I […]

… and we are the flawless

God took a selfie before the Big Bang and noticed the sadness in his eyes. Loneliness covered his face in darkness; depression awakened the need for light. Heaven was a tiny house with just enough room for God to meditate and dream of a universe devoid of vanity. Soon, space expanded from a single snapshot […]

A poem about homelessness, “salt of the earth”

if I were homeless, would you have allowed me on this stage? would you be listening to my voice the way you are hearing me now, or would your ears be averted, in fear of the truth? if i were homeless, would it bother you if I ordered a drink? would you raise your glass […]