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have you ever taken a photo of a mountain? a screen never quite captures the magic. to reduce a massive, complex miracle to pixels is criminal. it’s too simple. we do the same to ourselves.

the flow

we are holding on to life as if it isn’t constantly slipping from our hands. the longer we live, the more it feels like we should be lucky to be bodies that bottle water. we are grasping breath until it overflows and spills completely away.

TedxCharleston haikus

BRIAN SULLIVAN Brian Sullivan Wants us to be understood Through deep connection. CHRISTAN RAINEY Christan Rainey’s pain inspired a life-long goal for men to succeed. DANIEL BELLACK Daniel will make you question what is true or false Real, fake or made up … EDIE CUSACK College is boundless for everyone. Even if you are told […]


written on the spot, for the 2017 Good Business Summit. we came here, burning with a sense of meaning, burning with a hot desire to do good, burning to be understood. and the morning started wth fire. smoke billowed from a canvas, once blank, that blossomed in front of our eyes. and we burned in […]

Stagnation (a letter 2 America)

America has built too many monuments to war. Man-made maladies mounted on Mother Earth. I’ve seen scars on the skin of our country’s landscape – blood-stained band aids covering exposed bones; a pain that has not healed. We hold hatred high on pedestals in the name of history. Birds are perched on the shoulders of […]


(for tim and elise hussey, on the birth of their first child) in the blurry confusion of your first breath, you will open your eyes and instantly focus on love. arms will wrap you in wonder, your mother will bask in the miracle of womanhood, your father will paint colorful creations on blank canvases and […]

BLACK MAGIC, BLACK MUSE (a poem 4 Prince)

alone, on your last night alive with your voice unamplified, did you speak in perfect pitch like you sang, one week prior – 57 and flawless. fans, hanging on every word, melodies triggering memories, a Prince with a piano and microphone … alone, on your last night alive did you have the same confidence you […]

calloused hands

(inspired by Dave the Potter) what history will we carve with our hands? will it be an unfiltered truth as written word, tattooed on the body of pottery when reading and writing were revolutionary? will our hands hold each other in crisis again and again when our bodies are fragile and bone-dry, coiling the repetition […]

The arrogance of the moon

the moon is unmoving. frozen and self-centered in the atmosphere. he’s proud of the fact that he can be steady among a chaos of satellites while meditating above clouds and rubbing elbows with stars. he’s stoic. watching egoic people who are steady impressed with excesses, like high definition drones that give us a limited view […]

Break Bread (commissioned poem for the Wine + Food festival)

We’ve come here to feast on the flavors of the Lowcountry: To breathe in the ocean’s salty safe haven, where serenity and shellfish are served every day. To learn about the after taste of our history’s fresh lessons, built on the backs of West Africans. To appreciate farmers and fishermen whose passion feed the entire […]