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Poem: “CODE.”

If I write lines of poems like I write lines of code, no comma would be out of place and every quotation mark left open would throw the whole piece off center. Maybe coding is, in fact, poetry. Maybe life is, in fact, poetry and we are the result of a Universal code where X’s […]

New poem: “Mother Nature’s Reckless Daughter”

I am a feminist I am Joni Mitchell’s 8th album, with bass lines rooted in jazz I will re-rout her Refuge of the Roads back to 1976, the year a woman gave birth to a Black Crow flying, in a deep, blue sky. I am mother nature’s Reckless Daughter, the boy who grew from the […]

Poetry reading at the Carolina Youth Development center

Here are some photos from my reading at the Carolina Youth Development Center. I lead the kids in a chant of “ooooh weeeee!” and read lyrics to popular songs. The first song I read was “Let it Go” from the Frozen soundtrack. I then did “Love Never Felt So Good” and “Beat It” by MJ, […]

Poem: “the running river”

the river never broke a sweat. it went for miles around us, running in place in search of a silent moon. the darkness was her perfect partner, leading them all to the finish line, where the morning threw its hands up as the winner of the race. we stood on the sidelines, rooting for time […]

Poem: Brother Denmark

(about Denmark Vesey) the history books tell us that you won your freedom when you won the lottery, but freedom isn’t something you win – freedom is a birthright. freedom is as seamless as your name, even when it was changed by a captain who claimed to control the sea. But God is the only […]

Poem: Out of Breath

how do we start when the finish line doesn’t exist, when our mind tells us to move but our legs are reluctant to crawl, much less sprint toward expression. how do we run through silence if meditation is our preferred marathon? should we worry when lines of paper are not lines of a racetrack, even […]

Poem: The stranger is you

it will all come to this. a weary traveler arrives at your door and quietly makes himself at home. even though he may not be welcome, he finds his way inside and puts pictures of your life in the living room. each frame is a forgotten memory, each version of you looks good in the […]

The Pecha Kucha poem

  the new foundation I. every moment that you are alive is the only moment that matters. the past is a glass house and we throw stones trying to shatter walls that need to come down. we are all architects of negativity – brick by brick of bold thoughts holding together bodies bound by blood […]