September 28, 2017

written on the spot, for the 2017 Good Business Summit.

we came here,
burning with a sense
of meaning,
burning with
a hot desire to do good,
burning to be

and the morning
started wth fire.
smoke billowed from
a canvas, once blank,
that blossomed
in front of our eyes.

and we burned
in the air conditioned comfort
of our seats
as the lowcountry heat
burns outside.

all day,
our ears have been
sparked by bursts
of wisdom:

“don’t be afraid
of greatness.”

“we are reacting to the world,
we aren’t choosing how to act.”

“being good is not good enough.
good has to be great.”

“don’t be starstruck
with shiny.”

“breathe life into community
and the economy.”

“invest in disciples,
not employees.”

“walk the plank
into the unknown.”

“tap into the stillness
among the noise.”

and here I am,
in front of you,
lit by a longing
to do good,
to find purpose in my work,

to burn brighter
than before.

and I hope
you are now
aware of your flame
as profits of business
as agents of change,

please leave here
not as you came.