New poem: “Mother Nature’s Reckless Daughter”

August 1, 2014

I am a feminist
I am Joni Mitchell’s 8th album,
with bass lines rooted in jazz
I will re-rout her Refuge of the Roads
back to 1976,
the year a woman
gave birth to a Black Crow
flying, in a deep, blue sky.

I am mother nature’s Reckless Daughter,
the boy who grew from the earth’s ribcage,
the man who will return to the walls of Jericho
where my flesh will rest down,
beneath the ground.

I am a feminist.
I am the poetry of Nikky Finney,
Split beneath a pen and a blank piece of paper
searching for the holy relationship
between our foremothers and forefathers
the spirit that rose from the soil
or Rosa Park‘s foundation.

I am a feminist.
I am an advocate for the rights and equality of women
I am not exclusion,
I am the realization
that we are all connected,
we all have a mother.

I am a feminist.
I am Gertrude Stein‘s typewriter
resting comfortably in Paris,
stitching together rhythmic essays
with words forming a structure
we’ve never seen before
I am art on paper.

I am Meshell Ndegeocello’s bass guitar,
needle dropping on two decades of comfort,
a Continuous Performance of soul.
Mary Magdalene,
God Shiva,
Plantation Lullabies

Please don’t let me be misunderstood,

This is what a feminist looks like.