the birth of all things

May 24, 2019

the heartbeat miracle.

cadence of creation.

150 beats per minute
of pure God sound.

a tiny thing,
constantly growing.

music of the body.

energy in form.

the birth
of all things.

the shadow self.

the father’s joy.

the dad’s anxiety.

the tightening of the teeth.

immortality as reality.

a baby who will be
greater than
the parents’ ego.

the body as home.

the birth
of all things.

the first breath’s

light through lungs.

the mother’s magnificence.

the jealous cat.

a quiet moment’s awareness
that will transform
into full-mouthed vibration.

the prequel as romance.

the sequel: legacy.

the supernatural power
of a woman’s frame.

the birth
of all things.