the land beneath

November 15, 2019

our country
is not ready
to leave
its body.
it is
of the enlightenment
that comes
with looking
at soul.

we the people
are too attached
to ego –
that doesn’t
touch bone.

we put
on makeup
to cover
blemishes of burden
because we are
too scared
to look
at the truth,
too eager
to replace
the richness
of culture
with the
of corporations,
too hung up
on youth.

our country
is a mirror
built on
vain promises.
if it looks
too closely,
it will see
the resemblance
of grave mistakes,

the ghosts
of racism.

so we erect
shiny white buildings
as distraction,
cast shadows
on black land
and feed into the greed
of a false