Break Bread (commissioned poem for the Wine + Food festival)

We’ve come here
to feast on the flavors
of the Lowcountry:

To breathe in
the ocean’s salty safe haven,
where serenity and shellfish
are served every day.

To learn about
the after taste
of our history’s
fresh lessons,
built on the backs
of West Africans.

To appreciate
farmers and fishermen
whose passion feed
the entire city.

We’ve come here
to raise our glasses
to the spirits
of the South
and drink
carefully crafted cocktails
inspired by the coastline,

to sip wines
that crossed the sea.

We are free to pour pints
and drown in our love
of libations.

We’ve come here
for conversation.

To realize that food
is more than
just the ingredients –

food is family,
food is community,
food is our soul.

We break bread
to bond with our
sisters and brothers,

to be mindful
of the alliance
we’ve formed
with mother earth
and thank her
for her gifts
of nourishment.