Poetry workshops and school visits

I LOVE doing poetry workshops and speaking to students. Email me if you'd like me to come to your school. It's important to me that I share any knowledge I have on being a poet and an artist in this city. As a Poet Laureate, I need students to know that their voices matter. I am also the Gaillard Center's artist-in-residence emeritus, which allows me to expand my outreach. Check out the info.

… just wanted you to know that you are touching lives and your workshop was one of our highlights this year 🙂  Kids are still talking about it! Keep doing what you’re doing.  We love you.
– Jennifer Savage, James Simons Elementary School

… I really enjoyed you yesterday I wish that I could be a poet like you … Writing helps me when I go through tough times and when i am upset. I want to go around the world and share my writings like you do. I want to thank you for coming yesterday. You are awesome!!!
– lania, James Simons Elementary School

… We wanted to thank you for a really fun hour of poetry! The students REALLY enjoyed you.
– Chaunci, Homeschool parent