empath (variations) – electronic music + spoken word

March 28, 2018

I can honestly say this is the electronic album I was born to make. Why? Because, finally, I feel like everything came together much better than any other of my solo releases. empath (variations) feels … complete. Everything I’ve learned about music production, design, publishing, mastering, song structure, looping and more is all here.

I started this record as soon as I started writing the book. All along, I knew that I wanted to do an electronic music version of the poems. How does this differ from the album with Quentin? This is a compliment to that record. I’m VERY proud of what I created with my brother.

This electronic record was meant to be played LOUD. And it’s going to be an underground release. This is the Nine Inch Nails inspired project I’ve always wanted to make.

This record was made with a Moog DFAM, an OP-1, a Digitakt, a Volca Sample, a Nano Garden, a Moog Theremin, Audacity, Spire, Adobe Audition, Looperman, DotMelody and my cat’s meow. Played live, with very minimal post production.

I’m very proud of this collection. Feel free to listen and order your copy of the vinyl (white/silver!) or the digital version.