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Our Quantum Entanglement

PART ONE. Black holes can bend a universe. No amount of light can escape a galaxy’s human-like shift toward darkness. One minute on the edge of a black hole is 700 years on earth. The pull of desolation is too heavy, the path ahead has spun out of control, the cosmic flow becomes a cataclysm […]


today, I ate a Belgian waffle, smelled the cold air as the winter wind embraced my skin, read a book to my daughter about a grumpy monkey, listened to 80s synth wave, sat on my back porch and did nothing but notice how good doing nothing can feel. how narrow minded of me to think […]

Book 10: Hold What Makes You Whole

Excited to announce the publication of my tenth book, Hold What Makes You Whole. 

point of view

the word “supreme” has been canceled

eye contact.

throw something away you thought you couldn’t live without. turn its memory-triggered touch into trash. remind yourself you have outgrown the past. look the future in the eyes & make it uncomfortable. keep diamond recollections on your mind and wear a crown then throw the crown away. there are things you call holy that are […]

Store-Bought Buddha

I’ve burned all of the sage, but I am barely on fire. I’ve counted every inhale and exhale of air and still came up short of breath. I’ve sat in silence only to unpause an explosion of thought. I’ve kissed cold hands, hoping to come away with a warm and friendly touch, and then I […]

The Creepy Crawlies

Inspired by Jamal Sutherland. Animation by Haley Monson Cops hide behind the bushes of busy highways like cockroaches planting themselves in the shadow pathways of your home. Danger has an ego. It disguises itself in comfort, shifts restlessly in the folds, and waits for acknowledgement. Lights on. Antennas up. Instantly, you realize you don’t have […]

They / Them / Us

Listen to this poem on Spotify + Apple Music. The preacher reminds us that we are never truly in our bodies. The skin is a blanket for an already warm soul, deep sleeping through life before heaven’s alarm clock. So, really, what could be more spiritual than realizing your spirit has outgrown the body it […]

of color

when someone asks you why it hurts the earth to pull one flower from a field of flowers, tell them you are the lilac or the hibiscus, growing and sunbathing in a community of natural color, and you know a lot of kinfolk who have the same roots. tell them your kind of people are […]