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Inner twined

(commissioned for the Gibbes Museum and Charleston Jazz’ Art of Jazz series. Written specifically about the Betwixt and Between exhibit) You don’t have to look far for signs of connection. floor to ceiling strands of shared air, or sidewalk to sun oxygen, binding our breathing. trees are made up of the tightened tension of sticks […]

Movement’s mother

(inspired by Septima Clark, on what would have been her 120th birthday. Written for the dedication of her historical marker) I. There are spirits among us – ghosts of grassroots movements echoing through our soil. Charleston’s poinsettia was a warrior woman who blossomed despite an unholy city’s unsettled winds. She was light through dark matter, […]

The resolution of wings

(dedicated to the Butterly Book Nook) Here is the place where a community blossoms. Where hope still finds the right amount of air to rise, to spread its wings, defiantly, in the deflating aftermath of a tragedy that grounded us. Here is the place where we will no longer be cocooned in sadness because our […]

empath (bones)

(a poem about lynchings) If the Angel Oak tree could talk, she’d tell us stories we don’t want to hear. Her family has been roped into being the backdrop of racism’s roots, her friends had no choice but to stand, stoic through storms that bore strange fruit. She’d tell you about the relentless weight of […]

on the rocks (2018 Wine + Food festival poem)

in Charleston, we don’t need to be persuaded to party. the shadow of spring is reason enough to take slow sips of liquid sunshine in the predictable newness of January, the unexpected heat of February, the blooming business of March. in Charleston, we sing gospel hymns to gin on holy and humid afternoons to douse […]


a poem about … poetry. i read this in classrooms to get students excited about the art form. filmed at burke high school.

(… and you will be beautiful)

There will be a day when I won’t need mirrors because looking into your eyes will be the only reflection I’ll need to see myself.

the work

Some of the mirrors in my mind’s eye are broken. I’ve spent too much time trying to get clean – wiping thumb prints from my face, covering insecurities, fixing my hair, not fixing my mind. But, to deny what makes me beautiful is to deny my mother’s smile, my father’s eyes, my future grandchildren, my […]

every networking event, ever.

Slippery words spill out of us and fall to the floor as we fumble over ourselves on the trip back to the bar.

the spider (a love poem)

I remember when love was an elusive spider – an intruder that kept trying to creep into my life, crawling between the cracks of hardwood floors before disappearing into the shadows of sleepless nightmares. I spent restless years trapped by distraction, haunted by a thing I could not catch, but secretly wanting a tarantula to […]