Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, mother of Phife (ATCQ)

April 27, 2018

Friends, this is Cheryl Boyce-Taylor. She’s the mother of Phife (Malik Taylor), from A Tribe Called Quest. A. TRIBE. CALLED. QUEST.

One of the first things I *ever* wrote was a rap based on one of Phife’s verses, in 1991. It’s because of Tribe that I sharpened my writing skills. It’s because of Tribe that I love hip-hop culture.

She’s a PHENOMENAL poet. We shared the stage in Greenville, at the Peace Center. She told me about her pain after the passing of Malik. And how she’s learning the lessons of “joy grief joy.” The outpouring of love for Tribe is global. There’s so much to learn from his work. … and he learned it from HER.

She (lovingly) kicked my butt on stage tonight, btw. What a powerful reader. Her work is lyrical, precise and passionate. I’m learning a lot of loving lessons on this book tour.

After this? She’s going to Paris to see a Phife mural.

Last night was transformative. I’m so thankful for these experiences. Was moved to tears, because of this.