Second annual OHM Sweet Corn Cook off

May 24, 2016

My life changed when Vikki Matsis came to me a few years ago and asked me to do the branding for OHM Radio. I did the logo and website for it, and I also do a show every Monday and Thursday. 78.3% of my shows are dedicated to Prince (of course).
A great side effect of being involved in the station is being able to spin records for people at OHM events. If it were up to me, I’d be spinning vinyl for people every single night. I LOVE exposing people to great music (and dancing my butt off on stage in the process).
I spun records with the fellow OHM board member Pam, of the Soul Preservation Society, on Thursday (May 19) for Green Heart’s Harvest Dinner. Three days later, I found myself in a corn outfit, spinning records for OHM’s Sweet Corn Cookoff, at the Royal American.
I gotta tell you – it was the most fun I had in a loooooong time. We spun Prince (of course) and Tribe Called Quest and Prince (of course) and a whole lot of funk.
Video and stuff below:

video by David Keller