… and we are the flawless

God took a selfie
before the Big Bang
and noticed the sadness
in his eyes.

covered his face
in darkness;
awakened the need
for light.

Heaven was a tiny house
with just enough room
for God to meditate
and dream
of a universe
devoid of vanity.

space expanded
from a single snapshot
and time
took a holy moment
to reveal itself.

And God
finally felt beautiful –
we liked
every thing
he posted
on his profile –

the mountains,
the constellations,
the birds,
the trees.

But we
grew to be clusters of galaxies,
slowly drifting apart
because of our
gravitational pull
toward stardom.

We obsess
over ourselves
as if we are not
a mirror image
of intelligent design,
as if our brains
are incapable
of infinite wisdom.

But our spirit
is the synonym
of perfection,

and we are
the flawless reflection
of a photo of the universe,
cocooned in skin,
without any filters