Video: Young poets in Charleston, SC

My poetic energy is moving toward youth poetry. Hopefully, my experience in the art form can help the students improve their writing.

Charleston is home to a lot of talented, forward-thinking young poets. I’ve been blessed to be a part of Matthew Foley’s Holy City Youth Slam, an organization that is bringing together youths in the area for workshops and poetry slams.

I’ve done workshops with the group, and designed HCYS’s logo and website.

Being involved with the Holy City Youth Slam has made me more aware of the power and influence of my words. A few of the students have told me they love my work. It’s humbling! And oddly terrifying, at the same time.

On January 19, I took my camera to the annual 2015 MLK Youth Speak-Out event at the College of Charleston. It was beautiful and inspiring to hear all of the poets’ words.

Here’s what the event looked like, through my eyes. Be prepared to hear some profound words.