When I’m at Home, I Watch Star Wars. When I Watch Star Wars, I Write Haikus About War, Violence, and Memory.

Episode 1
Battle droid theory:
Turn war into fetish, make
army of robots.

Episode 2
Soldiers are now slaves
in galaxies of mass graves,
programmed for violence.

Episode 3
Fear is mutation,
soul transformation and sin
when man starts to kill.

Episode 4
The family back home:
Echoes and faint memories
of life before war.

Episode 5
Too dark, now. Mind filled
with trauma and torture. Mask
for the suffering.

Episode 6
Confront the demon.
Put end to internal war.
Make peace before death.

Episode 7
A ghost’s memory
haunts the new generation
and passes down pain.

Episode 8
Young resistant minds
have the spark to start over.
Reclaim history.

Episode 9
If demon returns,
reprogram memory, and
write your own story.