A woman’s hands are the hands of God

(written for the Women’s March in Charleston, South Carolina)

I am a feminist
our bodies
are tattooed
with the fingerprints
of mother nature.

I am a feminist
because a woman’s hands
hold the spirit
of comfort
the way the sun
carries the burden
of warmth.

I am a feminist
my mother was with me
for my first breath
and mother earth
will be my bed rest
in death.

I am a feminist
the voice of a woman
is much more than
a siren’s song –

it is the voice
of the wind
that carries wings,

the tides of the ocean,

each bird that sings.

I am a feminist
my father taught me
to respect the Goddess,

to be a servant
to the women
who should know their power,

even when their feet
are weary from marching,

their eyes,
exhausted from crying,

all women
should know
their power.