let’s talk about the weather

light follows us
wherever we go,
no matter how shadowed
the mind.

but darkness
has a sneaky way
of taking us over
at night
and sometimes
its sleepy residue
remains in the day

in spite
of the sun’s
warm personality
and efficient,
persistent glow.

we sleep
through hot nightmares
when the only cool air
is the pushback
of bedsheets.

when we awaken
to a cold daydream,
we’ll shine
through the suffering,

sacrifice ourselves
for small talk
and push our bodies
to the limit,

hoping to be
by the Godess of the sky.

when we talk
about the weather,
let’s not be afraid
to speak the truth
about our flooded emotions.

when there are oceans
of ready-made disasters
throwing shade
at the summer,

let’s be there
for each other.