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17 minutes of music

All recorded in one day (2/22/2017). Here’s analogue // 5, for ya. I used an OP-1, the Volca keys + Bass + Sample, some loops and …. a wind chime. Yep. Enjoy:

analogue // 4: meditation music

With analogue // 4, I set out to make an album as rich and textured as the soundtrack work of Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross. (I can dream, right?) The second track ended up sounding like William Basinski. Analogue // 4 was written and recorded Jan. 27-29, 2017, using an OP-1. Think of it as […]

My 24 favorite albums of 2016

2016 was an overloaded of great music. Even in its last week, 2016 brought us the amazing new EP from Nine Inch Nails. That would have made my list, but I’ll wait to see what Trent brings in 2017. Anyway, here’s my favorite albums of the year. Enjoy: 24. noname – telefone an intimate, groovy […]

nine new songs, made in three days

Here’s the third album in the analogue series! I recorded this Dec. 26 – Dec. 28, 2016. Very much inspired by the Stranger Things soundtrack. The only instrument I used was my trusty OP-1 synthesizer. I’m in love with it. For the video, I used old footage of the family from our military adventures. Yep, […]

my 18th album

The analogue series has been a fun little project for me to sink my electronic teeth into. The concept: record one album a month for the next six months. Improvisation. Use nothing but analog instruments. Record in one day. Well, the second album in the project is complete. I cheated by recording it in three […]

A new album, recorded in one day

I challenged myself to write and record an electronic album in one day. I’ll be doing one electronic album per month, for the next six months. The first record in the “analogue” series was completed on 10/27 with synthesizers and drum machines. It’s yours now. ENJOY. Stream and download now. Dig? THE VIDEO: THE ALBUM: […]

All of my purple life

Thoughts from a mega fan. My speech at the Charleston Music Hall, prior to a showing of Prince’s “Purple Rain” on May 18, 2016. I don’t have a good memory. I have a hard time recalling names and moments from my past. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to remember what I did last weekend, much […]

Why I love A Tribe Called Quest

The first “poem” I wrote was a verse-by-verse cover of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Butter,” from The Low End Theory. I put “poem” in quotes because I really didn’t know what I was doing – I was just really enthralled with the rhyme style of Phife Dawg. The year was 1991, and I still had […]

New album – “the drum machine”

Happy to announce my new album, “the drum machine.” It’s a 31-minute electronic music album recorded at home in Charleston. The theme? Beats. It’s also an homage to my music from the last 10 years. I did my first album as tape loop in 2005 after buying a Boss DR 202 drum machine. That album, […]

Charleston City Paper Spoleto review: Madeleine Peyroux

I was asked by the Charleston City Paper to review Madeleine Peyroux’s Spoleto show during my honeymoon week with Jordan. Jordan and I chose one of Madeleine’s songs for our wedding, so we were eager to see her. Here’s how it looked, through my eyes. Read the article on the Charleston City Paper’s website Madeleine […]