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Magazine design: Spring issue of No Depression

The new issue of No Depression is out! It’s probably the sexiest thing that I’ve ever designed. Info is below:

Second issue of No Depression is out!

Videos and posters for the Charleston Jazz Orchestra

I’ve been doing design and video work for Jazz Artists of Charleston for almost four years! Time is a funny thing. Anyway, I’m really proud of this work, so I’ll share some of it with you below:   Poster and video for the band’s Holiday Swing show at the Charleston Music Hall.       […]

Hot off the press: I designed the latest edition of No Depression

Despite the loss of Prince, it’s been a great year. A new house, a strong marriage with the most intelligent woman in the world, the TEDx news, and … this. BUT WHAT’S NEXT? Well … I’m designing the national music magazine No Depression. No Depression has a rich history of in-depth stories about roots music. As a graphic designer in Charleston, […]

Evolution of a logo: Charleston Walking Guild

Charleston’s tourism and local industry are largely fueled by its walking tours. To date, there are more than 80 Charleston walking tours in town. I met Liz Worrall, who is one of the founders of the Charleston Walking Guild, and she asked me for some design work. I’m putting together the website now, but was […]

Graphic design: poster for Jazz Artists of Charleston

Here’s a poster I designed for the Jazz Artists of Charleston‘s summer jazz series. Happening in the Circular Congregational Church – 150 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401.

Web + logo design: Fulton neighborhood, Mount Pleasant

Super proud to launch the web site for Fulton neighborhood, in Mount Pleasant. Fulton is the brain child of ALKA construction, and the homes will be beautiful. I designed the logo, and worked on ads, PDF sheets for the sales agents and even koozies and notepads. Here’s some screenshots of the site:

Glossy to matte: redesigning my poetry book through Createspace

I am obsessive about graphic design. It’s hard for me to look at any logo, poster, movie, album or book without thinking about the fonts, colors or paper that was used. (Everyone smells books, right?) Paper is super important, and I’m in the process of updating some of my older work from a glossy to […]

Poster design for Sola Yoga’s “Yoga in the Park”

Was asked to do a poster for Sola Yoga’s “Yoga in the Park” event on March 16. See it below!